Staying with Pet
Staying with Pet

* Pets are allowed only in 10 tatami-mat size Japanese-style rooms.
(Pets not acceptable in Room with Open Air Bath, Rooms on the Premium Floor,
Serial Japanese-style Room, Western-style Room. Also floor number cannot be selected.)
Thank you for your understanding.

Kindly ask for following cooperation for guests with a dog (pet).

This is rules and request from the hotel to have both guests with/without dog stay comfortably at your hotel.
Please by all means understand and appreciate your cooperation.

  • 01Only one small size dog (weight under 10kg) acceptable per group.
  • 02The dog should be fully vaccinated and toilet disciplined.
  • 03(We appreciate it if you can bring your dog's vaccination certificate of rabies and combination vaccine inoculated within a year.)
  • 04Please carry the dog in your carrying case in the hotel.
    * Please refrain from carrying with lead only or carrying in arms. No rental carrying case available at the hotel.
  • 05When you take the elevator with your dog, please try to avoid riding with other guests.
  • 06Please keep your pet in your cage in the room.
    * Please refrain from freeing your dog in the room or sleeping with your dog in the same bedding. No rental cage available at the hotel.
  • 07Please refrain from shampooing your dog in the bathroom.
  • 08Please clean your dog's paws before entering the hotel after going out.
  • 09Please bring foods and tableware for dog by yourself.
  • 10In case your dog commits any damages on the room or building, you will be fully charged for the cleaning and repair cost. Thank you for your understanding.
  • 11In case there is a problem with your dog's behavior such as barking etc, we may ask you to keep your dog in your car.
  • 12The facility usage fee of \5,500 (incl. tax) will be charged.