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Memories of the journey enjoying through food.
The ultimate moment of savoring the special ingredients of local production for local consumption.

Bingo Fish


Bingo Fish brand, selected by the fishermen in Bingo Province

"Bingo Fish" brand,
selected by the fishermen in Bingo Province

Rich catches throughout the four seasons of Bingo Province facing Seto Inland Sea. Seafood in Setouchi are famous for its wide variety in small quantity and known for its richness. 25 kinds of fishes selected by the local fishermen who know the best of local seafood are named "Bingo Fish".

Spring Spring

Clam, Squid, Black Scraper, Spanish Mackerel, White Croaker, Red Sea Bream, Rockfish

Summer Summer

Shrimp, Hong Kong Grouper, Multicolorfin Rainbowfish, Japanese Whiting, Japanese Seabass, Octopus, Verticalstriped Cardinalfish, Harvestfish

Autumn Autumn

Marbled Rockfish, Righteye Flounder, Largehead Hairtail

Winter Winter

Whitespotted Conger, Tonguefish, Devil Stinger, Gazami Crab, Black Sea Bream, Mantis Shrimp, Flounder

~ Spring Summer Autumn Winter ~
Enjoy Setouchi seafood throughout the four seasons

7 kinds in Spring, 8 kinds in Summer, 3 kinds in Autumn, 7 kinds in Winter, total of 25 kinds of fish are selected as Bingo Fish. By choosing Bingo Fish Brand, you can enjoy the recommended seasonal fish whichever season you visit.

Bingo Fish selected by the leading chef Bingo Fish selected by the leading chef
Bingo Fish selected by the leading chef

Bingo Fish selected by the leading chef
Bringing out the deliciousness of the ingredients to the utmost level.

Kaiseki cuisine making the most of "seasonality" and "local products" by our skillful chef.
Under the concept of "local production, local consumption", all of our ingredients are locally caught in coastal water of Setouchi.
Enjoy your blissful time by tasting seasonal food to the full extent.

Hiroshima Brand Beef


Carefully selected high quality Wagyu
"Hiroshima Brand Beef"

Hiroshima brand beef is characterized by its crispy and elegant taste. Exceptionally fine meat with exquisitely balanced marbling, soft texture, and rich and delicate flavor which you can savor the true taste of Wagyu beef.


Local Sake


Enjoy the climate particular to Hiroshima.
Unique "local sake"

Hiroshima's local sake is rich in its variety of unique flavors such as sweet, dry, crispy and rich. The mild climate and laborious, time-consuming soft water brewing method creates the fine delicate taste unique to Hiroshima.


  • Hakukou Daiginjyo Sarasouju(Kure) Dry


    A masterpiece carefully brewed with Yamada Nishiki from Toku A district of Hyogo Prefecture, the origin of Yamada Nishiki, polished down to 40% and high quality water that springs from Setonaikai National Park, Noroyama.

  • Seikyo Jyunmai Daiginjyo Maboroshi Akabako(Takehara) Mild dry


    Junmai Daiginjo made of highly refined sake rice that has been carefully selected and is brewed using traditional secret techniques with as rice and apple yeast.

  • Tenpouichi Jyunmai Daiginjyo Nakagumi (Fukuyama) Dry


    Junmai Daiginjo is made of rich sake brewing water and one by one hand-picked 40% refined Yamada Nishiki rice suitable for sake brewing. Easy to drink as if drinking water but with a rich and mellow flavor.

  • Kamotsuru Gold Kamotsuru (Saijo) Mild dry


    The Daiginjo with everlasting reputation that has been loved for fifty years since it was released in 1933 as the first Daiginjo with gold leaf. Elegant aroma and mellow taste.