Questions about staying

Q.01What time is checking-in and checking-out?
Check-In 15:00 / Check-Out 10:00
(Check-In 14:00/Check-Out 11:00 for Suite Room with Jacuzzi, Semi-Suite Room, Rooms on Premium Floor and Floor of Guest Rooms with Open Air Bath Suihanrou)
※ We will appreciate it if you inform us if your arrival passes 17:00.
※ Check-in/check-out time may change from above time depending on your accommodation plan.
Q.02Is late check-out possible?
Yes, we do have late check-out service and extension possible up to 12:00 with extra charge of \2,200 /hour (including tax).
Q.03Can I send my luggage to the hotel before arriving?
We are happy to keep the luggage for you. Please inform the hotel before sending. Kindly request to write your name and date of your reservation on the waybill. C.O.D not acceptable.
Q.04What should I do if I left my belongings at the hotel?
We will keep any lost items at the hotel so please ask us if you have left anything behind. We intend not to contact the guest as it may be inappropriate in some cases.
Q.05Can I bring a person who has difficulty in walking?
Yes, of course. The public area inside the building is accessible without using stairs and steps. We also have barrier-free rooms for you.
Q.06Do you have rental wheelchairs?
Yes. Please inquire in advance due to limited in numbers.
Q.07Is it possible to give accommodation or dining service as a gift to someone?
We have Gift Voucher (Accommodation Voucher/Meal Voucher) that can be arranged upon your request.
Please feel free to contact the hotel by phone or e-mail.
Q.08What kind of items are available for rent?
We have wheelchairs and humidifiers available. Please be aware that they are limited in numbers.
Q.09Can I send luggage from hotel to home?
Kuroneko Yamato delivery service is available. Please visit the shop on 1st floor for the service.
Q.10Can I see the ocean from the room?
10 tatami-mat size Japanese-Style rooms, Rooms on premium floor on the top floor and View Bath Suite room with Jacuzzi are rooms with ocean view.
For other rooms, some are port side and some are mountain side, so please ask the hotel.

About Guest Room

Q.01Any non-smoking room available?
From February 1, 2022, all guest rooms are non-smoking. Please note that smoking is allowed only in the smoking space on the 1st floor.
Go to list of room type
Q.02Do you have guest room with open air bath?
Yes, rooms with open air bath "Suihanrou" with three different room types. For details please see below.
See Room with Open Air Bath "Suihanrou"
Q.03Do you have barrier-free rooms?
There is one barrier-free Japanese-Western style room.
Go to Japanese-Western style room with Open Air Bath
Q.04What kind of amenities in the room?
The rooms are equipped with shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hand soap, razor, tooth brush, hair comb etc.
Amenity might differ from room type so please check each room information on the website.
Q.05What do you have in the room?
There are bath towels, face towels, Yukatas, high-spec toilet, hair dryer, LED TV, refrigerator and safe.
Q.06What rental items do you have for children.
We have Yukata (sizes of 110cm, 120cm, 130cm) and slippers for children.
Q.07Internet access in the room?
Yes free Wi-Fi available in the hotel.
Q.08Any premium channels such as WOWOW available in the room?
Sorry premium channels are not available on the TV in the rooms.
Q.09Does guest room have bath and toilet in the room?
All rooms are equipped with a bath and a Western-style toilet. (Western-style twin room with separate bath and toilet is a unit bath.)
Q.10Are the baths in the room using hot spring water?
Only the room with open air bath uses hot spring water. Baths in other rooms are boiled tap water.
Q.11Is there a refrigerator in the room?
Each room is equipped with a refrigerator. (This is a self-reported settlement.)
Q.12What is the size variation of Yukata? Do you have Yukata for children?
Yukata size for adult are Small (S) / Medium (M) / Large (L) / Extra Large (LL)
For infant and child we have sizes 100cm ~ 120cm.
* Please be informed that some sizes are limited in numbers.
Q.13Do you have wake-up call service?
Front desk takes your request.

About dining

Q.01Is it possible to dine at the hotel without having accommodation reservations?
Yes. Please make a reservation.
Lunch : 11:30 ~ 14:30 (last order 14:00)
Dinner at restaurant or in-room meal: 18:00 ~ 19:30 start
List of day-use plans
Q.02What are the service hours for dinner and breakfast.
[Dinner] 17:30-21:00 (Last meal starts at 19:30)
[Breakfast] 7:30-9:00
When you arrive, we will ask you about your preferred time for dinner and breakfast.
Q.03What's the menu?
You can enjoy "kaiseki cuisine" that makes use of "seasonal" and "local produce" that shines with the skill of the chef.
With a focus on local production for local consumption, the ingredients used are all caught in the Seto Inland Sea. Please enjoy a blissful time to fully enjoy the season.
*Accommodation venues vary depending on the accommodation plan.
Please read the plan details for details.
Q.04I have allergies. Is it possible to exclude certain ingredients from the meals?
Please inform us about your food allergies when making reservation.
As we may use certain ingredients in soup stock and essence, there is no guarantee but we will try to correspond to your request as much as possible.
Q.05Do you have menu for children?
Kids lunch deluxe

Kids lunch deluxe

Green vegetable dressing, 3 types of sashimi, deep-fried young chicken
Hamburg steak with grilled vegetables, salad, and steamed egg custard
Boiled sea bream
Togeshita beef steak, potato salad, corn
Sea bream rice
Today's dessert

5,500 yen

Kids lunch

Kids lunch

Green vegetable dressing, two kinds of sashimi, tempura platter, steamed egg custard
Deep-fried chicken, fresh salad, potato salad
Togeshita Beef Sukiyaki
Sea bream rice
Today's dessert

3,850 yen

Mini Kids lunch

Mini Kids lunch

Deep-fried chicken, hamburger steak, potato fries, salad
white rice
Today's dessert

2,200 yen

Kids breakfast

Kids breakfast

Grilled fish, meatballs, salad, mini tomatoes, simmered pumpkin, hijiki seaweed,
mango pudding
Omelette Wiener
White rice, miso soup, furikake, pickles

1,650 yen

Q.06Is it possible to order additional dishes?
Yes. As the content of dishes might differ to seasons and stocking, please feel free to ask.
Q.07Is it possible to have a group meal together?
Yes, group meal is possible for groups with same accommodation plan (same dining plan). Please feel free to ask.
Q.08Is it possible to take night meal?
I'm sorry. We are closed to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection. (as of June 2022)
Q.09Are room services available?
Sorry but we do not provide room service.
Q.10Can I bring drinks to the restaurant?
Yes but bring-in fee of \2,200/bottle (including tax) will be charged.
Q.11Do you have cakes for birthdays or anniversary celebrations?
We accept.
Whole cake 12 cm 2,860 yen~、Dessert plate 1 plate 1,100 yen~、1 bouquet 3,850 yen~、We are ready.
In addition, Chanchanko etc. are also available for rent for a fee, so please contact us.

About Hot Spring/Big Spa

Q.01What is the service hours of the big spa?
Guests staying at the hotel can take a bath at the following times.
[3rd floor large public bath / open-air bath] Check-in ~ 24:00 / 5:00 ~ 9:30
[Rooftop observation open-air bath] 14:00-23:00/6:00-9:30
[Rooftop chartered bath (reservation required 50 minutes 5,500 yen tax included)] 14:00-21:50 (Last reception 21:00)/6:00-8:50 (Last reception 8:00) *Except during closed periods
*The Rooftop Observation Open-air Bath and Rooftop Observation Private Bath are closed from December 1st to the end of February to ensure the safety of customers during rainy weather, strong winds, and cold weather due to the atrium structure. Let me do it. Thank you for your understanding.
About Rooftop Observatory Private Bath
Q.02Is it open for day-use guests?
We accept the use of the large public bath and open-air bath on the 3rd floor.
Day-trip bathing hours 11:00-15:00/15:30-21:00 (Last reception at 20:00) *Except during closed periods
Fee Adults 1,400 yen (tax included) Preschoolers and elementary school students 700 yen (tax included)
*Free admission for one preschool child per adult
Bath towels can be borrowed free of charge at the dressing room.
Paid rental of bath towels 330 yen (tax included)
*The rooftop observation open-air bath and the rooftop observation private bath are exclusively for hotel guests.
Q.03Towels and bath towels available?
There are face towels and bath towels in the room for guests staying at the hotel.
Please bring your bath towel from your room when going to the Big Spa. Extra face towels are available at the Big Spa.
(Make sure to bring your towels when visiting the Open Air Bath as there are no towels there.)
For day-use guests, please use the face towels set at the Big Spa. For those who wish to use bath towels, rental bath towels are available at the front desk (¥330 (including tax)).
Q.04What amenities do you have at the Big Spa.
Big Spa: shampoo, conditioner, body soap, solid soap,
Dressing room: dryer, cotton swab, comb, hair brush, soap, razor
* For men : hair liquid, tonic
* For ladies : face lotion, milky lotion
Q.05Do you have a sauna room?
There is a "low-temperature sauna" in the large public bath for both men and women.
Usually available from 6:00 to 9:00 and 11:00 to 21:30.
Q.06Private bath available?
Rooftop Observation Private Bath is available only for guests staying at the hotel.
【Rooftop Private Bath (reservation required \5,500/50 min (including tax).】14:00~21:50 (last admission 21:00)/6:00 ~ 8:50 (last admission 8:00) ※Excluding the closed period
Due to its open ceiling structure, "Roof-Top Observatory Open Air Bath" and "Roof-Top Observatory Private Bath" will be closed from Dec.1 to end of February in order to secure guests' safety from rain, strong wind and cold weather. Thank you for your understanding.
About Rooftop Observation Private Bath
Q.07What is the spring quality?
【Spring Quality】Radium Hot Spring (Simple Weak Radioactive Cold Mineral Spring, water added and heated)
Q.08Can expecting mothers take a bath?
We do not set any limitation.
However if a expecting mother wish to enjoy the bath, please do care about your conditions and be careful not to slip or get dizzy by taking long bath time.
Q.09Can a person with tattoo enter the Big Spa?
We decline the person with tattoo entering the Big Spa.


Q.01Any esthetic salons or relaxation facilities available?
We have Seashore Salon "SARAH" and in-room Shiatsu massage services.
Please contact the hotel.
About Seashore Salon "SARAH"
Q.02Any Karaoke?
Karaoke service at Club "Maritime" on 1st floor and Karaoke rooms for 20 persons/8 persons.
Q.03Do you have swimming pools?
We have a swimming pool on the 3rd floor for children only.
Free of charge for guests staying at the hotel.
Open period: July 1 ~ August 31
Service Hours : 11:00-18:00
【Day-use of pool only】Adult/Junior high or older \1,300, Elementary : \650
【Day-use of pool+Big Spa】Adult/Junior high or older \2,000, Elementary \1,000
Guests who had lunch at the hotel can use the swimming pool and the bath with no extra charge.
* As no life guard on duty, parents must accompany.
* The hotel is not responsible for any accidents so please take enough safety measures to prevent any accidents.
* We may suspend the operation due to bad weather or other reasons.
Q.04Any smoking area available?
Smoking area in public space on the first floor.
Q.05Any place for alcohol drinks after dinner?
We have Kenper's Bar in the lobby and "Club Maritime" on the 1st floor.
Q.06Can two people take esthetic treatment or spa service together?
Yes, that is possible.
However, we may not be able to meet your request depending on the reservation status. Thank you for your understanding.
Q.07Is it possible to take esthetic treatment or spa service during pregnancy?
We do not recommend expectant mothers to take treatments as it may have impact on your body condition.
Q.08Is it possible to use tea-room only?
Yes, it is. Business hours are 7:00 ~ 21:30 (21:00 last order).
Please feel free to visit us.

About Reservation /Price/ Payment

Q.01From what time can we make reservations and inquiries over phone?
Reservation reception hours are from 9:00 to 18:00.
Reservation reception number: 084-982-1123
Q.02Any separate Service Charge involved?
Our stated rate includes Service Charge. However, Bath Tax (\150.) is charged separately.
Q.03Please tell us about cancellation fee.
Cancellation fee is as follows;
No show Acommo Dation Day 1Day Prior to Acommo Dation Day 2Day Prior to Acommo Dation Day 3Day Prior to Acommo Dation Day 5Day Prior to Acommo Dation Day 6Day Prior to Acommo Dation Day 7Day Prior to Acommo Dation Day 8Day Prior to Acommo Dation Day 14Day Prior to Acommo Dation Day 20Day Prior to Acommo Dation Day 30Day Prior to Acommo Dation Day
1 to 14 100% 100% 50% 30% 30% 10% 10% 10% - - - -
1 to 14(Top season) 100% 100% 50% 30% 30% 30% 30% 30% 20% 20% 10% -
15 to 30 100% 100% 50% 30% 30% 10% 10% 10% 10% 10% - -
15 to 30(Top season) 100% 100% 50% 30% 30% 30% 30% 30% 20% 20% 10% 10%
31 to 100 100% 100% 80% 50% 30% 30% 20% 20% 10% 10% 10% 10%
101 and more 100% 100% 80% 50% 50% 30% 30% 30% 20% 20% 10% 10%

※Top season:12/29~1/4、4/29~5/5、8/10~8/15

  1. The percentages signify the rate of cancellation charge to the Basic Accommodation Charges.
  2. When the number of days contract ed is shortened, the cancellation charge for its first day shall be paid by the Guest regardless of the number of days shortened.
  3. When part of a group booking (for 15 persons or more) is cancelled, the cancellation charge shall not be charged for the number of persons equivalent to 10% of the number of persons booked as of 10 days prior to the occupancy (when accepted less than 10 days prior to the occupancy, as of the date) with fractions counted as a whole number.
Q.04What is the accommodation fee for children?
Children's rate differs from his/her age, accommodation plan and cuisine chosen.
  • Children (Elementary school age of 6 ~ 12)
    If the child orders same cuisine with accompanied adult; 70% of adult rate
    If the child orders children's menu; 50% of adult rate
  • Preschooler (age of 3 ~ 6) Facility charge: \4,400 (including tax)
    Infants(age of 0 ~ 2) No facility charge
Children's lunch: \3,850.(including tax) Breakfast:\1,650.(including tax)
Bedding set: \3,300 (including tax)
Q.05How to confirm the reservation made through website and how to cancel the reservation?
Please cancel through the same website you made your reservation.
If any cancellation charge involved, we will inform you after cancellation is confirmed.
Q.06What is【Best Rate Guarantee】?
This is a reservation service on the official website providing best room rate.
If you find any cheaper rate in other websites than the rate you booked through our official site, please inform us of the following information.
We will apply the same rate for your stay.
- Referenced date /which website/date you made reservation/date of your stay /name of the accommodation plan/room rate
【Additional Information】
Validity period is within 24 hours after making reservation.
Not applied for plans with different offerings or different plan details.
Not applied for plans with website original point return programs or plans with special sponsorship.
* This is not the case if the reward point is usual point rate.
Not applied for plans such as corporate/welfare contract rate, group plans, banquet plans, etc. that are not for general customers making reservation via internet.
Not applied for "Arranged Travel Package" sold by travel agencies. Package travel plans with transportation arrangements, plans which rate can not be confirmed or plans on websites not able to make reservations are also not applied.
Q.07When can we make reservation for coming new year?
Reservation is available via phone from 9:00 of July 1.
Q.08Can make a reservation using Accommodation Voucher?
Yes, we accept accommodation vouchers. Please inform is the voucher #.
Q.09Do you accept groups like conference/training/corporate travel?
Our group dedicated personnel will be in charge. Feel free to contact us.
TEL: +81-(0)84-982-1123 (9:00~18:00) E-mail address: ofutei@tomo-skole.co.jp
Q.10Can you accept gift tickets?
It depends.
The only gift ticket we accept is JTB NICE GIFT ticket.
* No change to be paid. Make sure your purchase exceeds the ticket value.
* There may be some limitations in using the ticket. Please contact us for details.
Q.11Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we do.
Please inquire for other credit cards.

About Access / Courtesy / Sightseeing

Q.01Any car parking lots available?
Free parking sots are available in our property.
In case the parking space is fully occupied, valet parking.
* Priority for our guests staying at the hotel.
Q.02What is name of your nearest train station? Transportation means from train station to the hotel?
Yes, we have free shuttle bus service (reservation required).
Arrival; 3 trips a day (12:00/14:45/16:15 dept.)
Departure; 5 trips a day(9:03/10:13/11:23/14:00/15:25 dept.)
* No service in the case of no reservations.
* Free Shuttle Bus Service is joint operation with our sister hotels.
Therefore the bus departs on time. Thank you for your cooperation.
Information on Shuttle Bus
Q.03Any courtesy service from Fukuyama Station?
Yes, we have free shuttle bus service (reservation required).
Arrival; 3 trips a day (12:00/14:40/16:10 dept.)
Departure; 5 trips a day(9:03/10:13/11:23/14:10/15:17 dept.)
* No service in the case of no reservations.
* Free Shuttle Bus Service is joint operation with our sister hotels. Therefore the bus departs on time. Thank you for your cooperation.
Shuttle Bus Boarding Location (dept. Fukuyama Sta.) and Time Table
Q.04Please indicate how to get to Hotel Ofutei by car?
【Sanyo Expressway】 Fukuyama East I.C. to Hotel : approx. 40 min.
Take I.C. exit to the city merging to road#182 and head south (bound for road#2). After crossing road#2, go straight for Tomonoura following to the information signs.
【Sanyo Expressway】Fukuyama West I.C. to Hotel : approx. 40 min.
Take road#2 "Matsunaga Bypass" for Fukuyama city. Drive about 20 min. and make right-turn at the intersection "Kashimabashi Nishitsume" just before crossing Ashida River, and keep going along the river for Tomonoura following the information signs.
Please refer to the link page below.
Details here
Q.05How long does it take to Miyajima and City of Hiroshima?
About 120 min. by car.
Q.06Are there any enjoyable sightseeing spots in walking distance?
Yes, there are.
Strolling through the streets of Tomonoura and crossing over to Sensui Island( 5 min. by ferry) can be enjoyed.
Tomonoura, where we reside, has been frequently used as a location site for dramas and movies.
Director Hayao Miyazaki stayed at a private house in "Tomonoura" and developed the concept of animation movie "Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea".
More recently, Tomonoura was used in a Holywood Movie "The Wolverine" also screened in Japan and in a TBS Sunday Theater Drama "Ryusei Wagon" as the hometown of Nagata Family.
Q.07Rental bicycle available?
Yes, we have rental electric bicycles.
  • \1,100 (including tax) for 3 hours rental
  • \2,200 (including tax) for 6 hours rental
  • Deposit : \1,000-
(* Reservation is not acceptable/limited number of bicycles)